Simple Tips that Will Instantly Improve your Instagram Feed

Forget everything you know about Instagram. Let’s start fresh together.

Here are 9 small things you can do right now to improve your Instagram feed.

These are the things you must know to make a visually pleasing Instagram feed. By visually pleasing, I mean a consistent look.

When your feed looks good overall, people are more likely to like your photos and follow you.

If you are a business, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding your visual voice.

Your feed is your business card and the face of your business. Behind every face, there is a personality. Your Instagram theme is that personality. Which is why it is important to get that right.

In this article, I’ll tell you:

  • Which layout you can use
  • How to rearrange your Instagram photos
  • And some simple – but SUPER IMPORTANT – tricks

If you apply these tips, I guarantee you will see a difference.

Let’s get started!

1. Pick a grid layout

The first thing you need to know is the layout of your overall feed.
This will make it so much easier to stick to a consistent Instagram theme.
It is an easy way to start a theme.

2. Choose a theme

Call it vibe, mood, soul. An Instagram theme is what your Instagram feed looks overall.

It is your visual personality.

So what do you want your theme to be? Grunge, moody, boho, tropical, colorful, minimalistic and white?

What are you passionate about? Pick 3 things you absolutely love.
For example: fashion, food and nature. Share photos about these 3 topics. This is your content, your story, your theme.

If you stick to a style, then you will have a consistent theme.

3. Pick ONE filter and stick with it

A theme is nothing without a filter.
Using the same filter all the time is the easiest way to start a theme, this will keep the same vibe in your feed, consistently.

4. Space out your photos perfectly

At this stage, you have a layout in mind.
You know what you want your theme to look like.
And you have a filter.

Perfect! Your theme is starting to look really good!

Now, you need to make it flow.

Why do some Instagram accounts look SO good?
They look SO good because they know which photos look nice next to each other.

Let me explain:

Unless you have a coffee Instagram account (what we call a “monotheme”), don’t put all your coffee photos next to each other.
Instead, space them out. Because you space out your photos, your overall feed will look much more balanced.
That’s what you want to achieve: balance.

It will be easier for our human eyes to scan through your feed and appreciate your content. If you just put one coffee mug after the other – it might get boring.

5. Color coordinate

One level up. Color coordinate your photos.

To color coordinate:

  • Pick 2-3 colors you know you will always use in your photos.
  • Then space out your photos in your grid to balance your theme.

6. Always crop the same way

The key to have a consistent theme on Instagram is also to always crop your photos the same way.

For example:

  • Keep it simple: Always use square photos.
  • White border theme: always use the same white border.
  • Rectangle photos: always use a rectangle border.
  • Mix & match borders: one level up, pick 2-3 borders that you will always use.

7. Natural light is your best friend

How many times have you heard this tip?
If you’re not using natural light, you’re missing out.

It is SO important to take your photos with natural light.
Why? Because you will have higher quality and more detailed photos.
Photos taken with natural light will also look better when you apply filters.

The best natural light to take photos is:

  • In the morning or
  • At the end of the afternoon

Take the photos near your window.

Pro tip: For an even more consistent theme, take the photos with the same lighting all the time. Try taking your photos at the same time each day.

8. High quality photos always win

It sounds silly to include this tip. But it will make a difference to the number of likes that you will get. A blurry photo can be seen from miles away. A high quality photo looks sharp and is inviting. It makes us want to DOUBLE TAP.

When you share a photo, make sure it is a good quality photo:

  • Avoid the front camera (lower quality)
  • Use your back camera (higher quality)
  • Avoid screenshots to repost an image (it lowers the quality)

Editing tips to increase the quality of your photo:

  • Add contrast
  • Add a little bit of sharpness

9. Have fun

Your feed will never look the way you want if you’re not having fun.
Love what you do. Take your time to create what you want to see and share.
Just use that creativity of yours!

Have fun planning your feed!

See you all on Instagram! Follow my Instagram @shahir_rahim

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